EMCY je 24. marca 2020 objavil prispevek o 49. tekmovanju mladih glasbenikov RS.

The 49th edition of TEMSIG – results

Since 1971, the Association of Slovenian Schools of Music and the TEMSIG Commission have been organizing a national competition for young musicians, which among other things take care of the integration, the quality growth and the development of the Slovenian Music culture, and its international recognition.

The promotion of Slovenian musical creativity, the high level of demands and outstanding performances of young musicians and ballet dancers are the ones who give the Union of Slovenian Music Schools and the TEMSIG Commission the inspiration and the energy to carry out this demanding project with less financial support from the country year after year.
In the run-up to the competition, over a hundred concerts took place all around Slovenia, before the competition.

The competition that happens every year since 1971, includes many categories, this year edition had foreseen: Trombone, Horn, Trumpet, Chamber Music, Euphonium, Piano Duo, Percussion, Tube, Guitar Duo, Percussion, Accordion, Tamburica and Jazz Solo.

The 49th edition of TEMSIG – Slovenian Music Competition for Youth started on the 4th of March in Štajerska and Pomurje, Slovenia and was supposed to finish on the 24th of March with the closing concert of the First Prize winners at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana. Due to the unfortunate present circumstances this concert together with Jazz solo and Horn categories on 16th and 17th March were cancelled. Any new terms will be decided after the end of the validity of the measures.

To learn more about the prize winners, please follow this link.


The 49th edition of TEMSIG – results

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