TEMSIG - Competition of young Slovenian musicians and ballet dancers

Slovenian Music School Association and the TEMSIG Commission have organised the national competition for young musicians without interruption since 1971, while the BALTEK ballet competition is somewhat younger; the two competitions provide integration and quality growth and development of the Slovenian music culture, while ensuring international recognition and excellence of the Slovenian music education. Many today established ambassadors of Slovenian music culture were first recognised and given an opportunity for international affirmation at TEMSIG competitions. The competition in each discipline takes place every three years and, in ballet, every two years, and is broken down to age categories until the age of 25.

The TEMSIG competition has been a member of the European Music Competition for Youth (EMCY) since 1991 due to its high level and international comparability. An important link with international music institutions are jury members who come from the most prestigious music universities and institutions across Europe. The latter meet young Slovenian talents at the competition, invite them to concerts, universities, festivals and theatres. Winners at TEMSIG (music competition) and BALTEK (ballet competition) later on as a rule become the main music players in Slovenia as conductors or members of both professional and opera orchestras, the police and army wind orchestras, and the RTV Slovenija Big Band or as excellent teachers. Many achieve success abroad.

Before the competition, over a hundred concerts are held in various places across Slovenia, with special note given to the final concert of competition winners.

Great added value to the competition is a series of Slovenian music novelties, which are as a rule composed for the competition by young Slovenian composers. The promotion of the Slovenian music creativity, a high level of requirements and extraordinary performances by young musicians and ballet dancers give the Union of Slovenian Music Schools and the TEMSIG Commission the inspiration and will to continue this ever more demanding project with decreasing financing support by the state despite great organisational and financial challenges.

The TEMSIG Commission is appointed by Slovenian Music School Association and comprises principals of music schools and a representative of the Academy of Music. Commission members perform their work free of charge.

Commission for Music and Dance Competitions (TEMSIG)


The TEMSIG Commission is a permanent expert commission of the Union of Slovenian Music Schools for music and dance competitions. The fundamental task of the TEMSIG Commission is the preparation and execution of competitions for young Slovenian musicians and ballet dancers. Detailed tasks and competences of the TEMSIG Commission are laid down in Articles 29 and 30 of the SMSA Rules.

The members of the TEMSIG Commission:

  • Iztok Babnik, President
  • Miha Rogina, Vice President
  • Polona Češarek
  • Radmila Bikić Magdić
  • Helena Valerija Krieger
  • Petra Mohorčič
  • Daniel Ivša